My name is Dan Govea. I'm a senior designer and front-end developer employed at Digital Cheetah Solutions in the great oasis that is Austin, Texas.

More than that, I am the father of two children: a seven year old girl and a six year old boy and the husband of one woman. I am an avid learner and a little bit of a cartoon afficionado. I am also a huge fan of the San Antonio Spurs and a lover of music of all kinds.

Also I used to go by the name of PixelRabbit...

Work Smarter

A developer whom is not utilizing the most appropriate and efficient tools to fulfill their tasks is probably taking way too long to fulfill their tasks. And as Scrooge McDuck taught me when I was younger, "work smarter, not harder".

These are a sampling of the tools that I use and recommend:

Work Consistenly

I have been working at Digital Cheetah Solutions, Inc. for over six years now. I started as a contractor working purely in table based front-end designs that were then instituded by a Digital Cheetah developer. Eventually I decided to work full time in the office in order to best manage the transition from design to production.

Fast forward, six years later. I am Senior Designer and Senior Front-end Developer and have had the pleasure of working a number of projects for big time clients. For example: